Virtual Gambling


The term “virtual gambling” is a bit of a paradox. The word “virtual” suggests something that is almost real but nevertheless an illusion. However in the case of virtual gambling, the concept as well as the virtual gamblers themselves are as real as the gambling and betting that takes place in the ritziest casinos all over the world.

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So, what is virtual gambling and what does it mean today? Well to begin with, for virtual, substitute actual and more specifically online. For the virtual world of today is the super highway that is the internet. Virtual gambling is therefore nothing more than an extension of the gambling that has been taking place on this planet for over 2000 years.

However the phrase “nothing more” is perhaps a little deceiving for indeed virtual gambling is as amazing and revolutionary as all the other activities that the virtual world has now taken under its wing. No longer do gamblers have to feel compelled to enter the sometimes brash and often intimidating world of casinos to dabble in a little gambling. They are now able to do so “virtually” and from the luxury of their own home. Virtual gambling has opened a door to a host of gamblers who otherwise may well not have experienced the thrills and spills of gambling, if their only option had been a casino.

Virtually gambling is virtually taking off and around the world people are exploring gambling virtually on all types of games and bets. It is not only the conventional casino games that are available to the virtual gambler. The high street bookies have also made their mark on the virtual gambling market. Reality TV shows, world cups, Saturday matches and the weather have all made it onto various virtual gambling websites of today.

To be virtually gambling however can be a dangerous notion if it is interpreted literally. A compulsive virtual gambler implies someone who is not quite a gambler and therefore not necessarily prone to the same losses and devastation of a conventional compulsive gambler. This can be a problem. Anti-gambling organisations have expressed concern that the facilities of the virtual gambling world open the doors to excessive and dangerous gambling by those who do not see the virtual interface of their computer as being anywhere near as threatening as the actual interface of the gambling cashier in a casino. Virtual gamblers need to take care that they are as respectful of the dangers of gambling online as on foot.

Of course virtual gambling adds another dimension to the life of the gambler. This is the dimension of choice. The thousands of online virtual gambling sites means that the virtual gambler does not feel forced to gamble only on what is available in a particular casino. They can virtually gamble on whatever games they like and in whatever gambling environment they prefer. Virtually speaking, the evolution of gambling to the world of virtuality has liberated the newly christened virtual gambler an allowed him/her the freedom to explore all the avenues and possibilities that the virtual gambling world has available to them; all this whilst being online and from the luxury of their own home.

Virtual gambling it would seem is growing in popularity every year and will likely go from strength to strength. At this point that seems to be the only fairly certain bet if there is such a thing.